lost on your spiritual journey? try one of these books

alex p.
3 min readNov 5, 2020
image from laura kapfer on unsplash

without these five books, i wouldn’t even be on a spiritual journey.

no book is going to replace the years of work and devotion needed to reach enlightenment. but after years on the spiritual path, i’ve learned that the right book at the right time can help navigate this lifelong journey. whether it’s the inspiration to listen to your heart from the alchemist or the magical insights from yung pueblo’s inward, this list has spiritual wisdom for beginners and advanced practitioners alike.

these books are full of approachable and enlightening spiritual wisdom for everyone:

transcend: the new science of self-actualization by scott berry kaufman
in today’s world of facts and data, there should be no surprise that a book with the word science in the name finds its way onto this list. after a year focused on self-improvement, this book put that work into context and got me back on a spiritual path. SBK’s continuation of Maslow’s work on self-actualization is an accessible framework for any modern seeker.

the seeker’s guide: making your life a spiritual adventure by elizabeth lesser
you know those books you wish were in your hands five years earlier but you know you probably weren’t ready for? for me, this is that book. lesser has a way of instilling a ron…



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