five ways to up your communication skills and invest in yourself like warren buffet

alex p.
3 min readFeb 28, 2021

warren buffett says you need to invest in yourself to find success.

image from markus spiske courtesy of unsplash

but how?

he recommends you start by developing communication skills.

He added that investing in developing your communication skills — both in writing and in-person — “can increase your value by at least 50 percent.”

from the Inc. article: Warren Buffett: Investing in Yourself Is the Best Way to Find Success. Here are 3 Smart Ways to Do It

so again, how?

this is a skill i’ve focused intently on in my twenties, and i’ve used it to go from lost college graduate to a consulting role at the world’s most sustainable company.

here are five things i’ve learned along the way:

write every day
make time to write and try to get that jumbled mess in your brain organized. like with any skill, you have to practice and building a habit of daily practice is essential to improving your communication skills.

practice public speaking
writing not your jam? try speaking. gary vee champions this approach. grab your phone and talk to it. video or just voice memo whatever you gotta do to…



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